Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Salient points to achieve Brand Positioning

What is Brand Positioning?

In simple words, brand positioning is the method of positioning your brand in the mind of your clients. Brand positioning is also referred to as a positioning plan, brand policy, or a brand positioning announcement.

So how to develop your brand positioning, let’s have a glance on them. There are 8 steps to position your brand in the market which is given below:
In order to build a position approach, you must first recognize the uniqueness of your brand and conclude what distinguishes you from your rivalry.

8 Key Steps:

1. Figure out how your brand is positioning itself now.
2. Recognize the direct competitors
3. Be aware of how each competitor is positioning their branding in the market
4. Evaluate your positioning to your competitors so that you can classify your exceptionality
5. Expand a separate and value-based positioning scheme
6. Develop a brand positioning statement
7. Analyses the effectiveness of your brand positioning statement
8. Create effective taglines for the brand

Positioning Statements vs. Taglines

Brand positioning statements: They are generally confused with the company taglines or 
slogans. Positioning statements are for the inner use. These statements, conduct the marketing and operating choices of your business. A positioning statement assists you make important decisions that influence perception of your customers and their brands.

For example: has a very nice positioning statement in 2001 when it exclusively sold books: “For World Wide Web users who enjoy books, is a retail bookseller that provides instant access to over 1.1 million books. Unlike traditional book retailers, provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, low prices, and comprehensive selection.”

Taglines: A tag line is an outside statement or slogan which used in the marketing efforts. The brand positioning statement can be turned into a tagline, but it is imperative to differentiate these two i.e. which is statement and which is a slogan. Once you have a powerful brand positioning statement you can build a tagline or slogan that assists to create the position you are wondering to own. 

For examples:

SCODA: Simply clever

Mercedes-Benz: Engineered like no other car in the world

BMW: The ultimate driving machine

Incorporating your brand position in the minds of your clients:

To integrate the position of your brand in the minds of your clients, you must begin it from your business. Each member of your company who handles the clients has to be the great appearance of your position and, since every person handles the customer in some way, they should have the best appearance of your position.

Generally, most of the marketers don’t have the clearness and confidence in their words. Without confidence, you evade to the condition. Twist the whole things which you do and convert into an appearance of your desired position and you can build something extraordinary. This takes guts to vigorously position your brand that means you have to stand for something. Only then you are truly on your own way to owning your very own position in the mind of your clients.

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