Monday, 13 April 2015

Brand Positiong Strategy for Effective Social Media Brand Voice Campaign

Have you ever wondered how companies communicate with their audiences with varying trends. Especially in the written form! It is also key to the impression which every company makes. Brand positioning is a system or a process you can say, which helps in communication between your brand and customers.

Major cities like Melbourne in Australia have a lot of business agencies and firms. To compete with them, you need a perfect brand strategy for your business. It will aid you for your brand awareness and brand establishment.

Brand tone of voice is vital to expressing your brand identity.
The correct pitch can aid a business differentiate itself from competitors, strengthen the brand's personality, and support the brand's promise to its customers. Get a kick start for your brand speech by considering the following concepts, which play an important role in a well-rounded social media brand voice.

1) Pitch
Pitch or tone is the underlying vibe, which originates from your brand’s communications. This is where you set up your trustworthiness; place your brand in the past, present or future; and delicately aware fans and followers about your brand whether it is going to be wide-open or a bit more buttoned up. Be a show off if your character and act something like a street-savvy hip hop artist, but know that meek generally goes beyond in generating customer reliability. Clinical or scientific could be superior for a very precise B2B entity or expert services organisation.

2) Language
Language is a also a crucial part of your brand positioning system. Coming off sounding like you’re smarter than your customers could affect on people pretty quickly. Establishing an appropriate brand language will present you a basic for the types of words, phrases and jargon to be used in social media communications. Want to shout about our brand very exclusive? Then use insider language and acronyms. Want to sound trendy? Stay up-to-date on the newest slang. But be careful with the upset slangs.
3) Purpose
The final point is why are you here! What is your main purpose? Your brand voice in social media can assist your customers to understand what you want to do with and for them. Are you putting effort to educate your user base? Do you desire to glee them, and get them to visit your store or website just because they are entertained by what you are writing? And even if you do would like to sell things, what can you provide people to facilitate them become engaged by your brand?

Your brand pitch in social media will develop over time. It would be great to think in brand positioning strategy about undertaking a brand voice development exercise before you open a new Twitter/Facebook account. But if you have already been engaging in social media and feel like your voice requires renewed, start working on it in time or now. Make slight alterations and your fans and followers almost certainly would not even notice that there was a change. So start a brand positioning strategy with a perfect brand voice in social media.

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